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Flexible Printed Circuitry Membrane Switch With LED Multipurpose OEM

Flexible Printed Circuitry Membrane Switch With LED Multipurpose OEM

Flexible Membrane Switch With LED

Membrane Switch With LED OEM

led membrane switch Multipurpose

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ISO14001 ISO9001

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Product Details
Circuit Construction:
Surface Finish:
Storage Temperature:
Industrial Control, Medical Equipment, Home Appliances/Other
Circuit Design:
Humidity Range:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
USD 0.5-5/pcs
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
4-5 Weeks
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
180000+ Per Month
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Product Description

FPC Flexible Printed Circuit Keypad with LED for Applications

Product Description:

FPC Membrane Switch

Flexible Printed Circuitry (FPC) Membrane Switches are FPC electronics switches designed for use in a wide range of applications. A FPC membrane switch is a user interface device composed of a flexible substrate material, typically polyester, with printed conductive ink layers that create a switch when pressed. FPC membrane switches are often used in consumer products, medical devices, and other consumer electronics.

FPC membrane switch technology offers a number of advantages over traditional mechanical switches, including improved performance, greater reliability, and increased durability. FPC membrane switches are highly resistant to wear and tear, and offer a long life cycle of up to 10,000,000 cycles. These switches are also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, with an operating temperature range of -20℃~80℃ and a storage temperature range of -30℃~80℃.

FPC membrane switches can be customized for any application, with a variety of conductive layer options, including carbon, silver, and other materials. FPC membrane keypads and switches are lightweight, reliable, and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for a wide array of applications.



  • Product Name: FPC Membrane Switch
  • Humidity Range: 20%~90%RH
  • Thickness: 0.125mm-0.6mm
  • Adhesive: 3M/Other
  • Life Cycle: 1,000,000~10,000,000 Cycles
  • Storage Temperature: -30℃~80℃
  • FPC Keypad
  • FPC Membrane Switch
  • FPC Membrane Keypad

Technical Parameters:

Product Name FPC Membrane Switch
Conductive Layer Carbon/Silver/Other
Adhesive 3M/Other
Surface Finish Matte/Glossy/Other
Storage Temperature -30℃~80℃
Thickness 0.125mm-0.6mm
Humidity Range 20%~90%RH
Circuit Design Single/Double/Multi-layer
Life Cycle 1,000,000~10,000,000 Cycles
Operating Temperature -20℃~80℃
Flexible Printed Circuitry Membrane Switch With LED Multipurpose OEM 0


KEDA FPC Membrane Switch is a custom made, high quality flexible printed circuit keypad switch, certified by ISO14001 ISO9001. It has an EXW price of USD 0.5-5/pcs for a minimum order quantity of 1+, and a delivery time of 4-5 weeks. KEDA has the ability to supply up to 180000+ pcs per month, and the FPC Membrane Switch has a life cycle of 1,000,000~10,000,000 cycles. The thickness of the switch can range from 0.125mm-0.6mm, with single/double/multi-layer circuit design, matte/glossy/other surface finish, and 3M/other adhesive.


Flexible Printed Circuitry Membrane Switch With LED Multipurpose OEM 1


KEDA custom FPC Membrane Switch
Brand Name: KEDA
Model Number: Custom
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO14001 ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1+
Price: USD 0.5-5/pcs
Packaging Details: Carton/Bag/Tray
Delivery Time: 4-5 Weeks
Payment Terms: EXW
Supply Ability: 180000+ Per Month
Operating Temperature: -20℃~80℃
Life Cycle: 1,000,000~10,000,000 Cycles
Circuit Design: Single/Double/Multi-layer
Thickness: 0.125mm-0.6mm
Conductive Layer: Carbon/Silver/Other
KEDA custom FPC Membrane Switch is a Flexible Printed Circuitry Keypad, FPC Electronics Switch that can be customized for your specific application. It is designed for excellent performance and durability with an operating temperature range of -20℃~80℃ and a life cycle of 1,000,000~10,000,000 cycles. You can choose from a variety of circuit designs such as single, double or multi-layer, and thicknesses from 0.125mm-0.6mm with carbon, silver or other conductive layers.


Support and Services:

FPC Membrane Switch provides technical support and services to ensure that customers get the best experience with the product. Our highly trained technical support staff is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and troubleshoot problems. We offer in-depth product information, real-time online chat, telephone support, and free software updates. Our technical team is dedicated to providing fast and reliable solutions to any technical issues that may arise.

We also provide a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of our customers. We offer custom design and engineering services, on-site installation and training, and maintenance services. We also offer a variety of accessories and peripherals for our products, including cables, switches, and keyboards.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assurance has made us a leader in the FPC Membrane Switch industry. We strive to provide the best customer experience possible and are always striving to improve our services and products. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for FPC Membrane Switch

FPC membrane switch is packaged in a corrugated box with anti-static protection for shipping. The box is also designed to protect the membrane switch from moisture, dust, and other external elements. The box is also designed to reduce the risk of damage caused by transportation and handling. The box is also designed for easy opening and closing, and can be sealed with a zip tie.

For shipping, FPC membrane switch is shipped using a trusted and reliable carrier. The carrier will transport the product to the destination address safely and on time. The carrier will also provide tracking information and updates so that the customer can track the shipment.

Flexible Printed Circuitry Membrane Switch With LED Multipurpose OEM 3


Q&A about FPC Membrane Switch

Q1: What is the Brand Name of FPC Membrane Switch?
A1: The Brand Name of FPC Membrane Switch is KEDA.

Q2: What is the Model Number of FPC Membrane Switch?
A2: The Model Number of FPC Membrane Switch is Custom.

Q3: Where is FPC Membrane Switch made?
A3: FPC Membrane Switch is made in China.

Q4: What certifications does FPC Membrane Switch have?
A4: FPC Membrane Switch have ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications.

Q5: How many pieces of FPC Membrane Switch can be ordered?
A5: The Minimum Order Quantity of FPC Membrane Switch is 1+, and the Supply Ability is 180000+ Per Month.

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